We are the only online umpire test site open to the public, leagues,coaches, teams and associations!
We can test anyone! We also test umpires for local leagues, travel leagues, travel teams, umpires associations,to help ensure their umpires have the best training. Our tests are designed to train anyone how has a basic knowledge of the game to become a better umpire. From youth baseball and softball all the way up to semi-pro baseball and softball, our tests make you a better umpire! 
We believe that these on-line tests will benefit everyone in the following ways:

1) Allow newcomers to test themselves and see if they have what it takes to become an umpire before making any investment into the needed protection equipment and uniform.

2) These tests give the seasoned veteran umpire the chance to sharpen his skills by testing his knowledge.

Games always go well with well-trained umpires. Good umpires are invisible for most of the game. Most of the problems that happen at ballgames (violence or un-sportsmanlike behavior) are usually because the umpire has lost control of a game or ruled incorrectly because he or she did know the rules. 
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On each one of these tests most organizations require you achieve a 75% or better grade.

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